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Jack Layton dead

The NDP and Jack Layton's family are facing scrutiny over the period following the late-leader's death. The NDP is returning
Go for power all you want, but Canadian citizens are smart enough to discern the difference between power and public service and Jack Layton had turned that into an art form.
My support of the NDP reflects my sentiment for what I grew up with: a pro-democratic movement that began in 1980 and managed to topple communism in 1989. I come from the country that had its own Jack, complete with defiant moustache and charisma.
"To young Canadians..." reads Jack Layton's deathbed letter. I find it difficult to imagine any other politician addressing
The crowd that gathered in downtown Toronto for NDP Leader Jack Layton's funeral this Saturday was nothing short of vast
Last night I dreamt of Jack Layton. We talked about the messy, unpredictable vulnerability of all these human bodies we walk around in. And that surely, fair and equitable access to care for these bodies is essential to a just, humane and democratic society.
Few politicians could garner an impromptu memorial quite like Jack Layton has. His death has spurred gestures across the
More and more, Canadian politics are about personality and who is the face of the party. I worry about the NDP now that such a strong and sharply defined leader is gone.
It's no surprise that Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square and City Hall became a focal point for those wanting to remember Jack
Nearly 7,000 people lined up for hours on Parliament Hill Wednesday under dark clouds and light rain to pay their respect
Unlike some politicians who switch parties like some people change their clothes, Jack remained in the NDP knowing that it would be an uphill battle to gain any significant political clout. He watched as other prime ministers came and went, but never stopped believing in his cause.
OTTAWA - A state funeral for Jack Layton is scheduled for Saturday in Toronto. The New Democrat leader died of cancer early
My fondest memory of Jack Layton was back in December 2009. I had just been arrested inside the House of Commons for occupying a meeting of the House Environment Committee. As we were escorted from the hill, we walked past the late NDP leader who snuck us a thumbs up and mouthed "thanks."
Jack Layton's family released a letter he wrote to all Canadians in the event of his death. He died Monday. Click here for
Canadians from coast to coast could admire Jack Layton's attempts to turn down the volume in the House of Commons and we were encouraged by his efforts to get the various parties working together. We admired his discipline and courage during the campaign as he waved his walking stick in the face of his pain
Very few people could have managed to go out and campaign so soon after having hip surgery, cane in tow. Fewer still could have managed a brave visage and a voice full of determination when announcing the return of a new cancer. And only one could have managed to do all that with a smile on his face.
In remembrance of Jack Layton, here is a collection of videos of the NDP leader taken over his career, including the "Hip
After Jack Layton's death was announced on the morning of August 22, cities across the country made plans to remember him
Even if you didn't agree with his politics, the news of Jack Layton's death this morning spurred thousands of mini-eulogies
NDP Leader Jack Layton's death early Monday morning sent shockwaves through Canada's political community. Layton's passing