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Jack Layton death

A tweet from Thomas Mulcair marked the fourth anniversary of Layton's death on Saturday.
Three years after the death of former New Democrat Party leader Jack Layton, his widow Olivia Chow continues to celebrate
(Source) He was a regular at Toronto’s Pearl Court Restaurant in East Chinatown. When he died in 2011, the owner placed a
Jack Layton was a die-hard Trekkie, and had his own custom-made Trekkie uniform that he wore at conventions. He was a musician, and loved to gather his friends and colleagues, singing songs from the 1960s. He would encourage everyone to sing, even if you didn't know the words. He wore funky glasses and blue jeans. He kept his hair long.
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpgHardly a parade of Pravda puff pieces, much of the ink spilled during the recent flurry of Layton retrospectives has actually been fairly critical, skeptical, or at least measured in honestly assessing Jack's pros and cons. And if you thought the Canadian press' obsession with royalty was winding down just because we've gone -- what? -- six weeks without a royal visit, guess again! Several of Canada's leading papers felt inexplicably obligated to devote many inches of concerned columnspace to Prince Harry playing a particularly rousing game of, ah, Vegas hold-em.
Jack Layton is one the Canadian politician I respected most, yet never had a chance to support. I first met him at a charity event where he wrote out his private cell phone number. He asked me to call him anytime I wanted so we could have a conversation. I often felt like I was talking to Canada itself.
A year after Jack Layton's passing Canadians are taking time to think about his legacy. To some he stands as a heroic champion
Editor's Note: On May 26, the day The Huffington Post Canada launched, Jack Layton announced the NDP's shadow cabinet. We
The NDP and Jack Layton's family are facing scrutiny over the period following the late-leader's death. The NDP is returning
I suppose crying over Jack's death makes me a member of what Christie Blatchford called "the mourning chaff;" those who make a spectacle out of a death they weren't affected by. I dislike this idea of a mourning hierarchy. This isn't a game of Who's the Saddest. This idea undermines how he affected Canadians.
OTTAWA -- As the Liberals gather for the first of four days of caucus meetings Sunday, the elephant in the room will likely
"To young Canadians..." reads Jack Layton's deathbed letter. I find it difficult to imagine any other politician addressing
The crowd that gathered in downtown Toronto for NDP Leader Jack Layton's funeral this Saturday was nothing short of vast
More and more, Canadian politics are about personality and who is the face of the party. I worry about the NDP now that such a strong and sharply defined leader is gone.
It's no surprise that Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square and City Hall became a focal point for those wanting to remember Jack
Nearly 7,000 people lined up for hours on Parliament Hill Wednesday under dark clouds and light rain to pay their respect
Unlike some politicians who switch parties like some people change their clothes, Jack remained in the NDP knowing that it would be an uphill battle to gain any significant political clout. He watched as other prime ministers came and went, but never stopped believing in his cause.
When I heard of the news of Jack Layton's passing early this morning, I felt let down. As cancer survivors, we are part of one big family and losing a member of this family is a painful and sad reminder that some of us heal and others just don't. News like this always seems to hit close to home.
OTTAWA - A state funeral for Jack Layton is scheduled for Saturday in Toronto. The New Democrat leader died of cancer early
Going global is no easy feat, even for a much-loved Canadian politician who passed away before attaining his goal of being prime minister. Yet Jack Layton became a trending topic as droves of international mourners took to social networks to tweet, blog, document and create art all in his memory.