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Jason Kenney Immigrants

Canada's "Temporary Foreign Worker Program" has received significant attention over the past year. Where it appears in the budget, Canada's migration scheme and the current unemployment dilemma is painted by the Conservative government and many commentators afterwards as a competition between promoting migrant labour or Canadian employment. The missing story is that the Conservative strategy is one of divide-and-rule, about making workers -- with or without immigration status -- work more for less.
2012-04-30-Donnerimage.jpgThe last excerpt from finalists competing for this year's Donner Prize, to be announced tomorrow, is about "possible reforms to Canadian immigration policy that would benefit not only Canada but those who wish to build their future here.
Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney met with HuffPost Canada's editorial board on Wednesday and revealed that the
Jason Kenney lands in Montreal today to discuss Canada’s immigration levels and how best to integrate new arrivals — a top