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jean chretien

Let the former prime minister show you how to have fun — both in the public and private life.
The difference is Canada's prime minister cannot take the microphone away from a journalist or strip their credentials.
"National unity is not having a party every night. You have to solve problems."
Cause and effect. Action, reaction. Trump just couldn't keep his mouth shut - he just couldn't keep his stubby little thumbs away from Twitter - and he made things markedly worse for himself by threatening Mueller. Same thing happened with Comey.
The lessons from the Chrétien Liberals can be applied today, particularly in response to Trump's tax plan. Prudent spending, debt reduction and tax rate cuts would make Canada a more competitive location for investment and skilled labour, and help foster the prosperity Canadians enjoyed following the Chrétien reforms.
Clinton will find herself tempted to flex her muscles as America's first female president, one that is seen as unafraid to take action. She's a Republican in terms of national defence, the kind that will try to make our Generation X leader abandon his progressive instincts and use his popularity to sell Canadians on the type of military adventures we are not known for.
Police accountability has never been a strength on the federal, provincial and local levels. We are still lacking independent civil and independent bodies that would investigate the actions of law enforcement when such tragic incidents happen.
"They should leave the reserves without a decent education?"