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Jean-Pierre Blais

Some wonder whether the days of a fiercely pro-consumer telecom watchdog are over.
It is hard to imagine any other major country leaving their broadcast regulator in limbo without a permanent leader for four months, or even longer.
Jean-Pierre Blais had some direct words for the CBC as well.
On net neutrality, Canada and the U.S. are moving in opposite directions.
Telecom costs for Bell Canada customers are increasing in 2017. Unfortunately for Bell customers, the $5 monthly increase on home Internet comes hot on the heels of an unprecedented move from independent Internet service provider TekSavvy, who made waves with promises to increase speeds and cut prices by nearly the same amount.
Telecom watchdog declares broadband a basic service like the telephone.
“We are making changes for virtually our entire customer base.”
The average Canadian household downloads 93 gigabytes a month.
New rules for internet providers could be a game-changer for Canadians.