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jian ghomeshi accused

Trigger warning: This article contains information about violence which may be triggering to survivors. The number of women
New revelations emerged in the case of radio host Jian Ghomeshi Wednesday, sparking strong and immediate reaction from listeners
In the case of Jian Ghomeshi, can I say anything out loud if it doesn't flat-out favour the victims? Can I speak if my only stance is to say I won't take one until I have more information? Am I a victim blamer? I feel shame about my reservation to take sides. I feel shame for holding my judgement. I wonder if I'm alone.
If you're ever going to get assaulted, my case was pretty perfect: DNA evidence, no alcohol, no slutty clothes, a guy I didn't know, and no history of kinky sex. Yes, they asked that too. So in the Jian Ghomeshi case? A celebrity? BDSM? CBC, our national pride and joy? Frankly I'm with the women who didn't call the police. If it all happened to me again I would only call 911 knowing that I'm sacrificing myself for the the potential of a safer society.