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jim flaherty

I remember your heartfelt speech in the House in the days after we lost Jim Flaherty. I watched. I mourned. I really felt for you as a physician who had tried so hard to save your friend. I cried. I miss him too. Please think about him as you head into the end of this race.
Financial knowledge is at the heart of stretching our dollars. For those with a severe and prolonged disability, saving money can be particularly challenging, given the expenses that often accompany disabilities and, in some cases, the difficulties getting or holding a job. And if you are tending to a loved one with a disability, extra costs likely are involved.
The former finance minister died almost 2 years ago.
The Registered Disability Savings Plan is a savings plan that helps parents and caretakers of those with a disability save for their loved one's long-term financial future with some financial contributions coming directly from the government -- free money, in other words. So why are so few using the RDSP?
The man who once hoped to stay Canada's finance minister until the books were balanced loomed large as Conservatives tabled
Just when you thought Canada’s house-price-spiking, drive-the-nation-into-debt mortgage wars couldn’t get any crazier, they
When he shuffled cabinet in July 2013, the PM made it clear that the team he was assembling could help him win the next election.
Ahead of a byelection the prime minister will have to call by October 25, it looks as though there will be two candidates
WHITBY -- Jim Flaherty’s family and friends took a trip down memory lane recently as they gathered for a special tribute