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Jim Munson

"It was like being hit with a sledgehammer of emotion."
The Harper government's controversial anti-terror legislation is set to become law after the Senate voted Tuesday to pass
Justin is a natural as a grassroots politician. His father was not. He tired quickly of grin and grips, so we spent public events moving him quickly from one admirer to another. Justin revels in the book describing the thousands he met in Papineau. He credits this skill from observing the friendly political skills of his grandfather, James Sinclair. I gave a fundraiser for Justin for the Papineau campaign. He approached my daughter and immediately remembered they took a film class together at McGill. His father had trouble remembering first names! Justin has deliberately been his own man in some policies.
The Conservative chair of a Senate committee that has met just twice in two years wants to know whether she and her-vice
OTTAWA — It could be the most expensive meeting on Parliament Hill. Two senators are each pocketing several thousand dollars
OTTAWA — Some senators are openly suggesting they would like to scrap the 75-year age limit that forces them to retire from