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Joan Rivers

Does anyone really believe he (Trump) gives a damn? That he's in it for anything other than his ego, the good of his brand, his businesses, investments and, lest we forget, his wallet? Does anyone really think he'll last the full four years? That he won't break precedent for the umpteenth time, get bored or fed up or both, and become the first president ever to willingly resign before his first term is up? Or do something so egregious, or illegal, he'll get impeached?
Many Oscars-watchers were outraged when the awards' yearly "In Memoriam" portion neglected to include legendary funnywoman
In what can only be deemed a bizarre (and glaring) omission, late comedienne and actress Joan Rivers was not included in
One of its grandest features is a ballroom and music room with 23-foot-high ceilings.
Joan Rivers has won a posthumous Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for the audio version of her 2014 book, "Diary of a Mad
*** WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! *** In what would become one of Joan Rivers’ final television appearances, she offered Geraldo
Joan Rivers paved the way for female comedians like no one before her. She was the first female comic to perform at Carnegie Hall. Many famous funny ladies cite Rivers as their inspiration, and with good reason. Looking at the festival line-up for late-September's JFL42, TO's answer to Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival, you can see the influence Joan Rivers had on the comedy world.
In her epic comedic career, Joan Rivers never held back and rarely apologized, even when mocking Canada. But she mocked because
Joan meets "Margaret Thatcher," 1985 On her marriage, 1974 For more than four decades, Joan Rivers made people laugh. And
After the news of Joan Rivers' death spread throughout the entertainment sphere, celebrities took to Twitter to offer their
Comedian Joan Rivers is dead at age 81, her daughter Melissa Rivers confirmed in a statement Thursday. Update: The New York
RIP Joan Rivers — we shall never see the likes of you again. For a woman with a career as long (and as storied) as Rivers
It was with a great deal of sadness when we learned that iconic comedian Joan Rivers died at the age of 81 on Thursday, Sept
Joan Rivers is dead at age of 81, reports Reuters. The controversial comedian and "Fashion Police" co-host" was rushed to
Joan Rivers's sharp-tongued criticism of Justin Bieber's fashion sense did not go over well with a member of the Village
With the Palestinian bid for statehood looming at the U.N., how we deploy laughter -- or avoid it altogether -- can serve as a barometer for the willingness of societies to consider change.