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Job Search

Businesses are optimistic about the recovery, but their employees aren’t, a new survey has found.
Some foreign workers might not be feeling at home in Britain right now.
Don't let a skills gap hold you back from pursuing your ideal career path.
These 'bots aren't out to get you, they're here to help connect job seekers and employers with the right jobs and candidates.
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Recruiters read each resume for an average of 10 seconds.
It can be a bit shocking when a manager, and especially a direct boss is shown the door.
When you've already got a job, job-hunting can require some tact, strategy and stealth.
You know the drill: You submitted your job application, complete with a cover letter and resume. You were selected for an interview. Then you headed to your potential-future-employer to shake some hands and answer every single interview question. But what if some of those questions seem a little ... off?