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Joe Biden

The red-state Democrat from Montana is drawing contrasts with the Biden administration as he fights for his political survival.
In painting the 2024 election as a democracy-or-bust binary choice, the president risks losing voters already dissatisfied with the status quo.
During his own remarks, President Biden called conditions in the region "heartbreaking."
The comments at the historically Black college were the most direct recognition to U.S. students about the campus protests that have swept across the country.
GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik, a potential candidate for Donald Trump's running mate, was referring to a paused one-time delivery of 2,000-pound bombs to Israel.
Trump urged gun owners to vote in the 2024 election as he addressed thousands of members of the National Rifle Association.
A dispatch from a key battleground state.
Still, the former president said the independent candidate is "really not doing well in the polls."
Of all the former president's claims, this one may have held up the least.
Rep. Greg Murphy said "pharmacology" has helped Biden be "manufactured and puppeteered ... to be president."