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John Furlong

"When I first saw him on TV for the Olympics...I was just tearing up inside. John Furlong thought we forgot everything..." —Maurice
What do we made of Canada's embrace of one exposé and its exile of another? The victims of the alleged abuses seems like a good starting point. Ghomeshi's accusers were referred to as "educated and employed." Furlong's alleged victims are all aboriginal.
UPDATE: 1:20 p.m. — John Furlong responded to Laura Robinson's lawsuit with the following statement on Tuesday: "I will continue
Laura Robinson, a Vancouver journalist being sued by former VANOC CEO John Furlong, is hoping to get by with a little help
The wife of former Vancouver 2010 Olympics organizing chief John Furlong has been killed in a car crash in Ireland, Global
I don't know John Furlong. What I do know is that once again, without knowing the facts, the character and hard-won reputation of a human being is being ripped to pieces and likely irreparably damaged. Nevertheless, it is treated as bombshell "news," and reported as such. Even worse, journalists pretend -- or at least may have convinced themselves -- that repeating them is somehow in the "public interest." What is happening to Furlong is a nothing less than a public lynching.
John Furlong, the former CEO of the Vancouver Olympics, released a new statement Tuesday to counter a "significantly inaccurate
Allegations published by the Georgia Straight newspaper against John Furlong, the former CEO of the Vancouver Olympics, have dominated headlines recently. The public statements that have been issued thus far by Furlong and the Georgia Straight foreshadow some of the issues that may be raised in any lawsuit which may follow.
The chief of the B.C. First Nations community at the centre of alleged abuse by the former head of the Vancouver Olympics