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john horgan

British Columbia is delaying second doses in order to get more people their first shot.
Applications for the $1,000 and $500 B.C. Recovery Benefits open Dec. 18.
John Horgan’s NDP will form B.C.’s government. But a few key ridings could still come down to mail-in ballots.
We likely won’t know the full result for several weeks.
A regrettable comment from John Horgan about race and calm moderation stood out on debate night.
Premier John Horgan likely wants a majority government.
As case rates soar amongst young people, B.C.’s premier is asking for help from B.C. celebrities.
Parents across Canada will be watching B.C. as schools reopen Monday
Experts say you need to decide what’s best for both you and the collective good.
But people are still encouraged to make smart, safe decisions about social contact.