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john mccallum

McCallum said he warned Chinese officials that more bans on Canadian imports could help Conservatives win.
Ambassador John McCallum was mostly right when he suggested the Chinese CFO might have an out.
"We should not let political factors into this process."
Canada has always been a country largely open to immigration, because of its vastness and its relative youth. I believe that by and large, our immigration policy has been very successful. But we are not immune to the conflicts and social tensions happening elsewhere.
Tories fear surge of false asylum-seekers.
“We are increasingly alone.”
This is how Canada treats its immigrants and its citizens who have dared to fall in love with a foreigner. Because while the details of my story may be different than other immigrants to Canada, the general premise remains the same. The Canadian immigration system has failed us and has failed our Canadian partners.
The immigration minister is no fan of this plan.
"... this is a good model which is exportable to other countries."
Upcoming free trade deals could accelerate the trend.
Canada's labour shortages are evaporating.
Liberals seek highest growth possible for Chinese investment, migrants.
"It was like being hit with a sledgehammer of emotion."
"This is not a laughing matter."
They first installed Bill C-31 to target the refugees, then in 2014 enacted Bill C-24 that turned immigrants and their families into second-class citizens. During that time, the Conservatives scrapped 280,000 skilled worker immigration applications. They stripped tens of thousands of foreign students of the opportunity to seek work and stay in Canada. They raised the bar for immigrants to become citizens.
But some Conservatives are irked by the immigration minister's comments.
Michelle Rempel wondered if the same remark would have been made to a man.
The former Royal Bank of Canada chief economist also called the cuts "economically stupid, because it probably cost the Canadian taxpayer more."
Ontario incumbent candidate John McCallum told reporters he is confident the Grits will be able to find the money.
Incumbent Grit candidate John McCalllum says rivals' numbers are "crazy."