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justin trudeau 2015

From the "orange surge" to the Tory exodus.
So. Many. Selfies.
Stephen Harper's reign ended this week as PM Justin Trudeau took his oath. As Trudeau 2.0 picked the persons who will join him at the head table of political power, many in the media trumpet the "most diverse parliament ever."
To some people, this may not be particularly mind-boggling. Women have moved up a lot in the world in terms of social, economic, and political influence. It wasn't so long ago that women were expected to adhere to the barefoot and pregnant "laws" that were governed by the patriarchal political climate. But here we are, 2015, and cheering wildly because we have more women in government. Apologies for raining on the parade, but I have to question this. In a truly gender equal society, we would all look at this cabinet and say, "Huh."
Some of them are so "True-deau."
The Liberal leader will sit down with HuffPost Tuesday and we want to know what you want to know.
"I have deep roots here..." the Liberal leader says, as he walks past trees with deep roots.
"Oh to be Justin Trudeau."
The numbers show Trudeau has a steep, steep hill to climb.
"I understand the concerns that people have but the biggest concern we have is making sure that we are protecting Canadians at the same time as we are upholding their rights."