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Alissa Golob wants to bring Canada’s anti-abortion movement into 2017.
Arnold Viersen addressed an anti-abortion rally on Parliament Hill.
Federal New Democrats have blasted Justin Trudeau as a "part-time supporter" of a woman's right to choose for lending his
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said last year that Conservative MPs will be allowed to vote their conscience on matters that
Two groups are launching what they call the "biggest pro-life campaign in the history of Canada"
At a time when it can feel like women's rights are being determined by people who aren't, frankly, affected by them, one
OTTAWA — Seven former Liberal MPs are calling on Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to reverse his “dictatorial” stand on abortion
It is a trite and mostly meaningless talking point, but the Conservatives do best when they are "focusing on the economy
This sort of bleating about how difficult the road is for the religious politician is stunning. We are witness to an era of dominance when North American politicians proudly and arrogantly proclaim their religious righteousness and Christian bravado. The worst of it is seen, almost daily, in the once proud Republican Party.
OTTAWA — A Liberal MP who said he planned to vote "pro-life" on any abortion votes reversed himself Wednesday after meeting
An overwhelmingly male echo-chamber of pundits, scholars, theologians, Catholic clergy and politicians is in an uproar, because Justin Trudeau directed the Liberal Party to adopt the status quo ante on women's health that has been settled law in Canada for decades. And who's not howling with outrage at Justin Trudeau's audacity in supporting women's access to abortion, or wringing their hands at his shocking breach of parliamentary conventions? Women, that's who.
Justin Trudeau's decree that all future candidates wanting to run as part of his team must be prepared to vote pro-choice
OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau says none of his new candidates will support anti-abortion positions. The Liberal leader told reporters
Canadian politicians — including Liberal leader Justin Trudeau — took to Twitter on Wednesday to share condolences after
Justin Trudeau spoke to students at a high school in Sudbury, Ont. on Friday, but, according to a Catholic group, God sent