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justin trudeau attack ads

The spots make it more difficult for Trudeau to clear up a misconception about his plans.
While it may seem strange that Tories would drag Ignatieff into the campaign, it seems the party just can't help itself when
It seems Tories just can't stop ripping Michael Ignatieff. After it was revealed this week the former Liberal leader is headed
Liberals are set to present Justin Trudeau as getting ready to lead, even as Conservatives work to convince Canadians he
THE BACKSTORY The clip comes from a video uploaded to YouTube last July in which Trudeau affirmed, during a question and
It's no mystery to anyone who watches Sun News that the network leans on the conservative side, but we thought it wanted
Imagine this scenario. You’re sitting at home watching the Toronto Blue Jays when a political ad comes on your television
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg Justin Trudeau's latest ad, in which the 41-year-old leader of one of the western world's leading political parties appears wearing the sort of outfit a fratboy might toss on to take out the trash, was offensive not for any sartorial prissiness, but because it reflected an unsettling lack of dignity for a supposed prime minister-in-waiting. For a man who's already benefited enormously from exploiting sex appeal for electoral benefit, now that he's a parliamentary leader, the least the guy could do is at least pretend he's got more to offer voters than the suggestive outline of his pecs. But then again, the Tories already declared J-Tru's body fair game in ads of their own, didn't they?
Conservative attack ads aimed unapologetically at Justin Trudeau have not had any impact on national voting intentions, as
A senior member of Harper’s inner circle has reportedly decided not to mail controversial, taxpayer-funded pamphlets that
Justin Trudeau's latest defender against Tory attacks would make even a schoolboy blush: his mom. “Someone is bullying my
Well, that escalated quickly. What began as a light-hearted statement from a Tory MP about the Toronto Maple Leafs’ return
Trudeau's team responded poorly to the attack ads by pointing out he also taught math, rather than challenging the implication that there's little of value in the teaching of drama. I coached drama and taught the subject for more than 30 years. I am extremely proud of what I was able to accomplish for my students.
What’s with the big hate-on for drama teachers in Canada? First, it was the Tories’ new attack ad on Justin Trudeau’s leadership
Splashy Conservative attack ads meant to discredit rookie Liberal leader Justin Trudeau may have backfired. The commercials
It is that very fact that Trudeau's lack of a steely edge -- that will cause attack ads against him to fail to do what they are designed to do. Instead, they will boomerang, fostering sympathy. There may yet be a Trudeau ascendancy. But Harper and the Conservatives would do well to keep their powder dry and their attack ads in the vaults.