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Perry told Jimmy Kimmel last month that he beat up the PM in school.
Even though an effeminate portrayal of Trudeau has been a common thread in the Conservative party's narrative.
"The fact that the prime minister has Haida art on him … of course we’re proud of that."
Conservatives are once again urging Canadians to question if Justin Trudeau has the judgment to be prime minister after the
Smartphones. iPads. Laptops. More and more Canadians are leaving the house with at least one of these devices each day. As
Look who's back in the boxing ring. Federal Liberal leadership contender Justin Trudeau got a few punches in on Friday at
"This Hour Has 22 Minutes" has been giving Justin Trudeau a pretty hard time over the past few weeks. 'Rex Murphy' compared
Senator Patrick Brazeau threw an Olympic jab at Liberal MP Justin Trudeau on Twitter, less than a month after reactivating
I am writing this while gazing out upon a farmer's field that has just had 1,500 baby red pines planted upon it. You have to squint to notice that the rows of little green tufts are anything other than early weeds taking advantage of the spring sun. I think the tiny trees, however, are a fitting symbol for our mutual Christian and Jewish holidays, celebrating -- indeed embodying -- the renewal of God's earth and spiritual rebirth.

Meanwhile, a resurrection of another kind was taking place in Ottawa -- Trudeaumania 2.0. With Justin Trudeau's definitive smackdown of Senator Patrick Brazeau in last Saturday's charity boxing match, it was as if the national media decided to read a lot into Trudeau's third-round win. As in: Were they thinking now that the young Trudeau -- and the Liberal party -- might rise on the third day also?
Well, the Thrilla on the Hilla may be over, but in the eyes of Canada's journalists, the real game's just getting started. The objective? Cobble together the most compelling narrative to explain why Justin Trudeau's unexpected smackdown of Patrick Brazeau actually represents something.