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justin trudeau promises

“There is some stuff in here that already raises some red flags.”
The Liberal government announced late Sunday that it plans to press ahead and unilaterally change some of the rules of the House of Commons.
"... In Parliament, it is not quite as sunny as you might think."
What was left off of Budget 2016 as well as the reestablishment of life-long pensions was a line stating "increase the veteran survivor's pension amount from 50 per cent to 70 per cent." This means that every day 30 veterans are dying and their widows or widowers are still having their partner's pension cut in half.
Where Prime Minister Trudeau lands on this pipeline is a crucial decision, and one that not only may have a catastrophic effect on communities around the world, but could also make or break three of this government's biggest promises during and since the election.
“If politics were bingo. This would be hitting the jackpot.”
"We have moved on to an arranged marriage."
It's said a promise made is a debt unpaid.