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kale chips

Health and wellness expert Rose Reisman shares how to make this delicious snack.
Delicious reasons to eat this green!
So when did kale become even cooler than cucumbers? It's been called the superhero of veggies, the new beef, the queen of
One of my fave ways to keep the blood flowing is with a little spice. I like the kind of spice that brings out the flavour in food instead of scalding your tongue and making you sweat like a two-ton turkey in a Georgian heat wave. And my secret weapon is a little zinged-up, cold-pressed olive oil.
My clients always ask me, "If there is one thing I can do to better my health, or one food item I can add in that is amazing for me... what is it?" My answer is always greens! For instance, kale is fantastic when it is just lightly steamed or sautéed -- they even make great "chips" (see recipe below).
I was riding the streetcar home the other day and couldn't help but notice a 20-something guy sitting a little too close