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Karla Begley Autistic son

On Friday, a horrible letter was mailed to a family about their 13-year-old autistic son, Maxwell. When my friend, Karla Begley -- Maxwell's mother -- told me about the letter, my first reaction was to expose this in the biggest way possible. My sister, Kathy (Karla's best friend) and I developed the hashtag #love4Maxwell, and enlisted the help of our celebrity family members. It went viral. But now what? Now that everyone's invested in this united universal hug, what do I want them to know? I want people to know it's not about the letter. It's about the people who received it.
Dear pissed off mom living in Newcastle, Wow! Can you believe all the publicity you're getting over your letter to the mother of an autistic child?! The letter where you called a special needs child "retarded" and an "animal." Astounding isn't it? You didn't just write the letter to your neighbour -- you've also addressed it to my 14-year-old autistic son and all children with special needs. Sigh, ignorance is bliss. You didn't realize by writing this letter that you were about to unleash the mother of all mothers defending their children. Buckle up sweetheart; we're going for a ride.
Ontario mother Karla Begley is in shock after she received an anonymous offensive letter targeting her autistic son, Max