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Kellie Leitch

She said her time in politics has been a "genuine privilege."
We need to continue to divest ourselves from any politicians that have espoused the politics of hate and division.
Brad Trost, Deepak Obhrai also fail to make team.
Tory leader isn't sure his MP supports the words she posted online.
If you consult your nearest thesaurus for things that are synonymous with "boring," like I did, you will find no shortage of words that fit. You might even see the shiny faces of the assembled 13 candidates, smiling up at you.
Make no mistake: the Conservatives' leadership race has dramatically set back their party, perhaps for years to come. Among other things, it has revealed the once-great Conservative Party of Canada to be nasty, brutish and short-sighted. By selecting a winner, the Conservative Party of Canada has rendered itself a loser, and wholly undeserving of power.
"People call me a racist and that’s just not the case."
"Fresh and wholesome, just like the Conservative Party of Canada."
"This guy and his opinions are repugnant."