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Keystone XL

Trudeau’s Liberals faced heat over Biden’s Keystone cancellation and Canada’s vaccine rollout.
He told CBC’s “The Current” what’s happened over the last four years has been “anomalous."
By standing with Indigenous defenders on the land, in the courts and at the banks, we will win.
Things don’t happen just because Donald Trump wants them to.
I haven't noticed many of these wealthy film idols advocating for poor people who can't even pay for the most basic, reliable oil-based technologies. Cutting off affordable petroleum-based resources isn't just frivolous; it's harmful to the most vulnerable people in society.
Looks like money traders still see the loonie as a petro-currency.
Biggest-ever shale oil discovery threatens Canadian oilsands' market share.
Keystone and Trans-Mountain put together might not be enough pipeline.
By approving Keystone XL's construction throughout the U.S., a President Trump would ensure prosperity for millions of ordinary Canadians. If that fever catches on, the Energy East pipeline and other pipelines through British Columbia could also provide a boost to Canada's prosperity.
President Obama rejected Keystone XL because he was convinced it was not "in the best interest" of his country. Unhappy with this decision, TransCanada Pipelines chose to directly challenge the sovereignty of the government of the United States with this $15-billion lawsuit.