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If you're facing a full garage or basement, and you've never done this before, where should you start? We've got the tips you're looking for.
Like many, I know summer is here when my calendar starts to fill up with a variety of activities -- barbecues, sporting events, patio time, family road trips, picnics and cottage time. Who doesn't want to take advantage of this time of year before the Canadian winter takes hold again? But, there's a hitch -- cost.
Landlords normally know what they want -- a good, clean tenant that pays on time and doesn't destroy the rental unit. You know what you want if you're looking for your own place. But when you're selling yourself as a roommate, it's a little harder.
Want a cheaper phone plan? Sign up in the prairies.
Employment Minister Jason Kenney’s department is defending the federal government’s use of job postings at Kijiji and other
It's not every day one comes across a free home when browsing through the classified ads. But that is exactly what's happening
It's enough to drive an aquaphobe to water. A hilarious Kijiji ad with the humble aim of selling a motorboat preys beautifully
An Edmonton Kijiji ad is offering a reliable, mint condition minivan for sale, but prospective buyers looking for a reliable
The Kijiji Finding Yourself in Canada Mosaic is a collaborative art project that allows users to upload photos of the places, people, and experiences in Canada that evoke happiness, serenity and a sense of adventure. It asks people to contribute Canadian images and it captures the essence of the Canadian experience.
It looks like some students at Paul Kane High School in St. Albert, Alberta decided to leave an impression before they left
The disappearance and alleged murder of Tim Bosma has highlighted the alarming phenomenon of predators using online classified
An unusual Kijiji ad offering the sale of one twin baby in Fort McMurray has prompted RCMP to investigate. On March 28, Wood