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Kristen Stewart

Their new Christmas song “Make You Mine This Season” was written for the new Kristen Stewart movie, “Happiest Season.”
"It feels amazing."
The actress called herself "so gay" while hosting the show last month.
Trump tweeted about her 11 times in 2012.
The "Twilight" actress donned a powersuit and nothing else on the red carpet.
"Finally, I can feel again."
And looks absolutely killer while doing so.
Double the dress, double the fun!
Blake Lively has the ultimate princess moment at Cannes.
If Hollywood actors and producers turned their backs on the likes of Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby and Terry Richardson it would send a strong message of support to victims. And for many victims who know that the prospect of a criminal conviction is faint at best, seeing their alleged abuser publicly shamed or ostracized is the only morsel of justice they will ever be served.
The "Into the Wild" star is the new face of Chanel makeup.
It's Chanel, naturally.
KStew can do no wrong in Chanel.
The "Twilight" star plays alongside Geraldine Chaplin in the film.
It's badass and beautiful.
They totally called each other this morning.
This is exactly why we love her!