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Here are some tips on how to avoid living a housing horror story in Ontario.
The education system must do a better job of preparing students to deal with the vultures they’ll face when they leave their family nest.
You want an apartment? You can expect the landlord to ask for a long list of personal information: References, proof of employment, credit check, previous landlord -- and the list goes on. Some want T4s, some want even more intimate details. But what do you know about the landlord?
It's happening a fair bit: great tenants with no intentions of moving are being served N12 forms by their landlords, a legal notice which provides them with 60 days' notice to vacate the premises. And it's entirely lawful for the landlord to do this, as long as they meet some very specific conditions and act in "good faith."
It's hot. It's not just hot, it's very hot. It's a mid-summer heat wave and it's relentless. And when it gets this hot, many people start to ask whether the landlord has an obligation to keep residents cool. Is there a maximum permitted temperature in apartment buildings and rental homes?
It's interesting to note that as we're seeing record-high prices and pricing increases in the buying and selling of residential real estate, we didn't see a translation of that to the maximum rent increase allowable. Instead we saw something towards the middle of the possible 2.5 per cent.
While some associations feel that the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act currently favours tenants (although associations representing tenants will disagree), there are proposed changes being debated that could shift the power back into the hands of the landlord.
Rental scams are an ongoing problem. They rely on victimizing people at a disadvantage -- new Canadians not familiar with rental rules and laws, first-time renters and generally those people who are trusting and/or unfamiliar with how scams are perpetrated. But rental scams are becoming more sophisticated.