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Canada was chastised for ignoring its own legal requirement for periodic reviews of the effectiveness of its whistleblower law.
Even Liberal MPs say whistleblowers aren’t protected under the current system.
Public servants need to jump many hurdles to expose potential wrongdoing.
It’s a “good thing” Canada’s top court is above politics, says former prime minister Kim Campbell.
My story of navigating sex worker stigma in society's most conservative profession.
Lawsuits, court challenges and applications for judicial review, oh my!
As the Supreme Court's decision concluded, "the Promise Doctrine is incongruent with both the words and the scheme of the Patent Act."
Diversity and inclusion should be a priority regardless of your organizational size, structure, or mission.
Spousal support is evolving from the traditional role of a man supporting a woman financially. It's time the courts in Ontario reflect this.
"If I have sex, I could go to jail." This is the reality of life for women living with HIV in Canada. It's a story I heard a few weeks ago from an African woman who had recently immigrated to Vancouver and is now faced with the profoundly isolating experience of being a Black HIV-positive woman in Canadian society.