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While I was chasing the high, and thought no one knew, I was alienating everyone around me.
Eventually the government is going to have to step in and protect accident victims from the worst elements of the legal profession.
While we continue to push for a contingency fee cap, it is helpful to be informed about all the ways one can access legal assistance and representation.
That money was supposed to help me recover from a life-threatening accident. Instead, my lawyer found a way to take half of the money I was awarded.
If family members are unhappy with your choice of attorney or the choices being made by your attorney, they may challenge the validity of the power of attorney document or make it difficult for your attorney to do their job.
Recently, perhaps as a response to MPP Mike Colle's private member's bill, some in the media have taken to defending personal injury lawyers and legal contingency fees. I have to wonder if any of these people has ever been injured in a car accident or had to enlist the services of a personal injury lawyer.
Contingency fees have made it easier for trial lawyers to overcharge unsuspecting clients. This will continue to happen unless there is a cap on contingency fees. How many more Ontarians have to be overcharged thousands of dollars before the law society takes this issue seriously and makes a change?
Every year in Ontario, without warning and through no fault of their own, thousands of people are severely injured in car accidents. It could happen to you, because it happened to us. We come from different backgrounds, different parts of the province, and have lived very different lives; we never met until this year.