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lester b pearson

Many of us will come home for the holidays worried about the world we will have to return to in the new year. Dire economic warnings abound. Democracy is being tested across the globe. Insecurity seems to be the only certainty. But Canadians have always found ways to master our fears rather than be mastered by them.
For us Canadians, the wisdom of our government to be involved in the affairs of the world is our collective priority and is still how the world envisions Canada to be. The world has always noted our efforts and indeed -- as Bono reminded us a decade ago -- "the world needs more Canada".
BROCK AND BRONZE IN SAINT CATHARINES, ONTARIO Every winter, when the temperature dips below zero, and the snow swirls across
Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party have not decided to throw Israel under the bus, yet. For now, the Trudeau Liberals would
In a widely contested 1968 leadership race that went to several ballots, Pierre Trudeau emerged as the winner, and quickly called the election that led to the first majority Liberal government in 15 years. Trudeau served as prime minister for nearly sixteen years, the longest since Mackenzie King.
The Duke of Edinburgh Awards Canada celebrates a great milestone today. For the last five decades, it has enriched the lives of Canadian youth from walks of life. It changed mine. It also took away my shyness and gave me the confidence to explore many initiatives and goals in my life.