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We rarely see trans parents like this.
Creating an affirming home is the most important thing parents can do.
Cancelled surgeries and hormone shortages are among worries.
The Canadian comedian ribbed "Harry Met Sally."
Queer and trans issues were more visible than ever.
Two groups with opposing views faced off in Toronto this weekend
The twins get real about self-hate and finding salvation in music.
It's not always a matter of just following your heart.
His coming out was 40 years in the making, the veteran politician said.
... as they say, "Better late than never."
The award recognizes LGBTQ media professionals who have promoted acceptance for the LGBTQ community.
Ferhan Khan knew he wasn’t like other people at school, never having an attraction to the opposite sex but with a traditional Muslim family and section 28 preventing teachers from discussing same sex relationships he had nowhere to find out about himself until university. What happened was a difficult relationship with his faith, which through time, has been rekindled and he now talks about this through advocacy work in schools.
Critics take issue with the coin's 50-year milestone.
"There are so many things that I'm still learning."
Toronto Pride has come so far!
"It's fine. Mess up along the way. That's what makes you amazing."
Domestic violence robs victims of their self-esteem, and pushes them to withdraw in other areas of their life.
Many wonder why it took police so long to find a suspect.