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“Criminalizing people with homosexual tendencies is an injustice," Pope Francis tells reporters on the papal plane.
The Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation is the Florida governor's latest target as he wages war against drag performers.
The album robustly championed queer Black culture. In a perfect world, her tour would do the same.
The simulation game’s new update includes customizations for transgender and disabled fans such as surgery scars, binders and medical wearables.
The trans activist and actor talks starring in Taylor Swift’s latest music video and what that means for representation.
Swift's decision to cast Ashley, an actor and activist, as her love interest in the steamy clip drew praise from LGBTQ advocacy groups and fans.
The Grammy winner said changing their pronouns felt like “coming home,” but they experienced an “exhausting” level of anti-LGBTQ hate along the way.
The FDA’s decision is a notable shift from the bans on blood donations from gay men that began during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.
This research — which is about cannabis, but actually centers mental health — sheds light on the complexity of identifying as bisexual.
Francis' comments are the first uttered by a pope about such laws, but are consistent with his overall approach to the LGBTQ community.