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liberal party of canada

The government announced an extension for the CEWS earlier this month.
It's a difference of opinion with the party's own members.
A Toronto MP has been advocating for the ambitious policy for years.
One wing of the party called the tariffs an example of "gender-based discrimination."
"I think sex workers are getting a bit tired of waiting."
He's broken some promises. His legislative achievements are modest. The Tories and the NDPers are getting shiny new leaders. But he's still going to win.
There are issues requiring tough decisions that a few selfies will not provide him with enough cover nor will they help him to change the channel to better issues or allow for better optics. His recent foot in mouth moment over his comments on Fidel Castro is just this past weekend's storm cloud. We also have other storm clouds developing on the horizon.
Politicians need to keep in mind that it is the small things that add up over time and it is the small things that get them booted out of office. It's the continual picking away by the opposition of the day and the media that eventually sours voters on a government. What was Trudeau thinking when he suggested to his top two staffers in their letter of employment that they could access this relocation program in its entirety?