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life lessons

They learn to be self-sufficient much more quickly if we're not always doing things for them.
Bourdain's lessons will continue to remind me how small I am in this world and how much more there is I need to see and understand.
Part of my journey has entailed realizing that mine will not always be right, or kind, or compassionate, or loving.
In my life, I have cycled nearly 30,000 km throughout the world and have always worked along the way.
Armpit farts. Enough said.
The other day, I was walking through Toronto's historic Distillery District. This District is a must-see spot for both locals
We have all experienced that dreaded feeling of intimidation at one time or another. Whether we're intimidated by a situation or a person, that feeling can throw us off balance and lead to devastating results. Keeping yourself on track in the face of intimidation is hard.
Basically everything.
My university graduating class of 2000 had the privilege of having Kevin Smith as the convocation speaker where he received
I only met her once. She was the close friend of a close friend. While I don't remember much about what we did together that