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liver cancer

This is the most common type of liver cancer among children.
You might want to skip happy hour.
It's often referred to as a "silent" condition.
With greeting cards featuring tableaus of fishing, golfing and barbecuing with Dad, I can't help missing my father-in-law and feeling the void of his absence. I try to look back with fondness at all the great memories he made with my family, but the pain stings and I'm left feeling bitter that he was taken too soon.
I was married with two children and needed to have two surgeries due to back pain I had been experiencing for seven years. Pre-surgery blood tests revealed that I had the hepatitis C virus and had been living with it unknowingly for 23 years.
Our liver has the important role of acting as our body's filtration system, and while many of us have joked around that drinking
The World Cancer Research Fund announced on Wednesday they have narrowed down how many alcoholic drinks must be consumed
2012-05-28-GermGuyBanner.jpg While the overall success of chemotherapy is rising, the challenge of the double-edged sword with respect to the immune system has led scientists to wonder if the side effects can be resolved by good germs. Last week, the answer was revealed -- at least in mice. ALSO ON HUFFPOST: