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long-distance relationship

Long distance love doesn't always lead to heartbreak.
The thrill of hearing from a relative or friend that they received my letter--after traveling from remote corners of Vietnam to the other side of the world--is filled with a lot more happiness than a Facebook response. It also takes more effort and planning. Here are four rules I've learned to keep relationships alive on the road.
A long-distance relationship is tough to maintain, but it can also be so worthwhile. Last week, "Humans of New York" profiled
If texting, emailing, and Skype weren't enough, couples in long-distance relationships can now wear matching TapTap wristbands
As the wife of a military fighter pilot, I've been forced to make separation work several times and I've learned ways to cope and even thrive along the way. So, if you find yourself in this predicament, here are a few things that I've gleaned from detachments over the years.