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long-term care

George McMahon and Alphonse Dorval are two of the thousands of Ontarians who died late in the second wave.
Revera, which is owned by a Canadian crown corporation, runs an aggressive scheme to dodge U.K. taxes, a new report says.
One union says its nurse was asked to inoculate board member, family and friends of management at a nursing home.
A nurse was also asked to vaccinate “family members and friends of several managers,” the union says.
The outbreak at the long-term care home in Barrie, Ontario claimed more than 60 lives in January.
COVID-19 ripped through Roberta Place like wildfire, infecting all but two residents.
Jennifer Penney rushed to her mother's nursing home to say goodbye on Christmas.
Nearly 40 per cent of all nursing homes have outbreaks of COVID-19.
The military report found instances of force feeding and drinking causing residents to choke.
“I feel like my brain is in a straight jacket," one resident said.