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luka magnotta

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Magnotta, whose disturbing crimes seized the attention of people around the world, made more headlines recently after he
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MONTREAL - Luka Rocco Magnotta formally withdrew his appeal of a conviction in the first-degree murder of Jun Lin, deciding
According to the Toronto Star, Pan's immigrant parents drove her hard to succeed — pushing her into competitive figure skating
"Their solution," the Crown attorney told a rapt courtroom in Kingston, Ontario, "was to remove the diseased limb entirely
No one can control what events will shape our world in any given time period. But collectively we can choose what stories we allow to shape our memory. That's why murderer Luka Magnotta was the wrong person for the Canadian Press to choose as Canada's 2012 Newsmaker of the Year.
Long before Luka Magnotta became a household name in Canada and the subject of an international manhunt, he was pursued by
UPDATE:The Canadian Press reports: Labatt Brewing Company says they've dropped a request of the Montreal Gazette to remove
Montreal police revealed disturbing forensic details Tuesday about a murder and dismemberment case that netted a suspect
Luka Magnotta was apprehended in an internet café while reading about himself on the internet. What must it have felt like to finally see himself all over the internet and on the cover of every major newspaper after spending a significant portion of his life grasping desperately at fame?
A man fitting the description of Luka Rocco Magnotta was stressed and agitated during his flight from Montreal to Paris, according