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Lung Cancer

During CCAA protection, the Quebec consumers represented by the class-action cannot try to collect any money
The toll will be about 5.5 million per year by 2030.
It is important to know that unlike other types of cancers, lung cancer doesn't show symptoms until in much later stages. This means that by the time an individual begins to notice changes to his or her health, the cancer has significantly advanced, often making treatment more complex. However, there is still hope.
The important findings and implications of a recent study are that zinc and iron from food sources other than red meat may help prevent lung cancer, and heme iron (iron from animal dietary sources) intake was inversely linked with lung cancer risk.
Oncology, or the branch of medicine that deals with tumours and cancer, is leading the profession's charge toward precision medicine -- a new approach that places the focus on the individual patient and all the ways that patient is unique.
Radon is a radioactive gas formed by the natural decay of uranium in soil and rock. It can seep into buildings through foundation cracks and other openings. Without proper ventilation, radon concentrations in indoor air can reach dangerous levels. You can't see, smell or taste it, so it's easy to ignore. But radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.
Like most women, I have always thought that the cancer that threatened me most was breast cancer. But a recent conversation with oncologist Dr. Natasha Leighl has challenged that assumption.