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Maggie Q

Maggie Q was in a faction of her own when she walked the red carpet on Monday at the New York premiere of "Insurgent." The
The hate for "Stalker" began before the series even hit the air and, frankly, I don't get it. Anyone knows you can't judge a series solely by its pilot.
We've always been fans of Maggie Q and her irresistible style but her latest outfit just upped the ante. The 35-year-old
Hello, drama! Maggie Q brought the theatrics at the 2014 Met Gala on Monday night in a fabulous ball gown that would have
Move aside Jaimie Alexander- Maggie Q just totally topped your 'no underwear' look. The actress, who attended the L.A. premiere
Emotions are going to run high in the 'Nikita' series finale, but hopefully they won't get the best of Nikita. If Nikita is truly coming full circle, then we're going to see her and Alex like we did in the beginning -- as cold-blooded killers.
It was a hot, muggy day in September when I, frizzy hair and all, visited the suburban set of “Nikita.” It’s pretty much