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making friends

Like anything, social skills need to be taught.
There's a loneliness crisis among men.
Social media, A.I. and ... mukbang? We're still trying to find a silver bullet for loneliness.
Go to out-of-office events.
These best friends will make you want to call your BFF immediately.
The 57-year-old is overjoyed.
I want my seven-year-old to have friends -- at least one, maybe two. But at heart, I'm a realist. He has high-functioning autism. Socially speaking, the odds are stacked against him. Making friends is a concept as foreign and uncomfortable as the wooly sweater knitted by a well-meaning great aunt.
Today, we live in jam-packed cities, yet ironically they can feel far more isolating than smaller, rural communities. I always ask people if they know the other people on their floor in their condo building, and generally their answer is: "not really." Everyone has to eat, so why not eat together?
Has this happened to you?
Despite the wild success of dating apps like Tinder and Happn, some prefer to simply meet friends without the pressure of