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It’s as simple as naming every single city and town in Canada. Easy, right?
“It helps plant a seed that there’s people here before you, these are the lands that they’re on, and they’re still here."
It would do no favours for Toronto.
Canada has had no shortage of proposals for new provinces, territories and regions throughout its history. Washington, D.C
Canada: land-wise, it's one of the world's biggest countries, but population-wise, it's anything but. A map posted to Imgur
If corporations owned Canada's provinces and territories, how would you map it? Ryan Anderson has the answer. The Cranbrook
Everyone knows the U.S. population dwarfs that of Canada, but this graphic really brings home the scale of the difference
2013-06-23-blog_canada_day_v02.gif If I were able, I would change the map. There are a few options here, but for any of these we'd no longer be sitting on top of the United States and, as we are constantly told is the case, we'd not see ourselves as huddled along the border -- crouching almost.