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maryam monsef

It happened during a vote on tax measures to support Canadians.
Congrats, you Liberal lovebirds!
Historically, the party that wins the Peterborough-Kawartha riding, is the party that forms Canada's next government.
Maryam Monsef faces Conservative challenger Mike Skinner in a riding to watch.
Canada has a chance to streamline its efforts to make gender equality a reality in Canada and around the world
The trio was also asked if the SNC-Lavalin affair is hurting morale.
Michelle Rempel told the status of women minister to "grow a pair" on feminist issues.
The threat was levied in the 2018 federal budget.
"This is a problem that exists in a culture that tolerates these behaviours."
Sometimes body language speaks the loudest.
Trudeau said there is “no clear path forward” and “no consensus."
He chose his words carefully.
The prime minister may dump weaker performers, such as Maryam Monsef, from his inner circle.
“Why does the Prime Minister not simply do the right thing: appoint somebody who knows what they are doing to this important file?” Tory MP Tom Lukiwski said.
"Mesmerizing disaster in slow motion."
#RejectedERQs FTW.
Maryam Monsef showed no desire to hold a referendum, blaming the committee for not achieving consensus on the issue. She is moving ahead with the next phase of her outreach, she said, announcing the launch of a new consultation process -- in the middle of the holiday season.