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maternal mental health

Researchers scoured the natural options, and found four they say seem safe and effective.
Advocates say it could be the key to a national strategy for postpartum depression.
Our system leaves the onus on moms to "figure out this illness on their own," advocates say.
Experts say Canada is playing catch-up, and moms are suffering.
Advocates say healthcare workers need better training.
Imagine you are blanketed by a translucent black veil. There is chainmail weighing down your body. Then you are thrown into the middle of a tsunami. This is what postpartum depression felt like for me. Every. Single. Day. For three months.
Because being a mom has its own set of challenges.
"It sounds like you're suffering from postpartum depression," is what she says instead. "No," I say. Emphatically. "It's not that. I'm really not interested in calling it that. I just need to SLEEP."