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michelle rempel

Canada's first virtual Parliament sitting was a wild ride.
Is any of what they’re asking for even possible?
But there’s still a lot more work to do before we achieve gender parity.
The hashtag #BlockedByRempel was trending across Canada Sunday night.
The Liberal party calls the ads "Harper-style negative politics."
The border is heating up to be a Canadian election issue.
"We don't have the resources for that kind of half-baked, impractical plan."
He has not spoken or voted in the House since June.
The rookie minister walked back remarks he made in a TV interview.
Tory critic Michelle Rempel said the remark was "beyond reproach."
Tweets on multiculturalism and immigration keep spurring chatter.
MP Maxime Bernier raised a debate about "too much diversity" last week.
Michelle Rempel told the status of women minister to "grow a pair" on feminist issues.
"To say that there is a power imbalance here is an understatement."
Michelle Rempel is pointing to the activism of a UN group.
She says she'll donate it to a Christmas toy drive.
The sexist insult is often used by The Rebel.
PM asked if he bears any responsibility for escalating situation.
PMO spokesperson calls Tory criticisms "absurd."