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To Canadians, Stephen Harper has been vague about what he did know about the plan to repay Senator Mike Duffy's Senate expenses and clear only about what he didn't know. Even with what Stephen Harper did know, the story keeps changing. The entire mess has become Canada's Watergate.
He was right about things ending badly.
Enbridge did not register any of its 2012 communications with the senator, confirmed the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada.
"Thanks for being one of my best, hardest-working appointments ever!"
Prime Minister Stephen Harper maintains he has little to do with the trial of suspended senator Mike Duffy. Rex Murphy begs
Why was Mike Duffy charged when Nigel Wright wasn’t? That question had a few people, including central figures in the Senate
Disgraced Senator Mike Duffy is now facing 31 criminal charges, including fraud and breach of trust, in relation to his inappropriate
It was only a matter of time. Yes, a politics junkie out there has posted a "Downfall" parody to YouTube addressing the troubles
OTTAWA — The Conservatives' plan to take a tough stand against three misbehaving senators started to crack the moment Mike
Senator Mike Duffy testified before the Senate on Monday Oct. 28. The following are his remarks: I come here today, against