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mike schreiner

Many participants were able to leave “dead-end jobs” for something better, a McMaster University study found.
The Ontario Green party leader says he'll showcase climate change solutions that are good for the economy, too.
PC spending cuts will shrink Ontario’s economy, the Financial Accountability Office says.
Nickels pour out of gas pumps, heating vents and grocery shelves in the ad.
Democracy is stronger with independent bodies able to report on the government's actions with an eye beyond partisan political games.
Premier Doug Ford said the move will save drivers a total of $40 million a year.
It is bad enough that the government allows multinational companies to privatize a public resource, it is even worse that taxpayers are being hosed by charging so little for it. Several industries get a total free ride when it comes to taking our water. Those who do pay for taking water are charged a paltry $3.71 per million litres used. This is not a typo.
It seems that every day I hear a story in which the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) is the villain. Whether it's a ruling that threatens our health and environment or one that ignores fair process and transparency, the OMB has figured out how to upset more people more of the time than any other agency out there.
I'm deeply disappointed by the news that Heinz is closing its Leamington processing plant. For over 100 years that plant made ketchup from tomatoes grown on Ontario farms. Support for local food processing is not only about securing jobs, it's also about investing in the economy we want. The Liberal government must take action to support our food processing sector.