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A trend became an aesthetic, an aesthetic became a quirk, and I now wonder if the quirk has become a compulsion.
What they really want is your time.
The death of my phone as the catalyst to the death of my attachment to the internet and social media. That the loss of my phone is the best thing to happen, ultimately allowing me to emerge not only spiritually superior but with a life philosophy on the art of a tech free lifestyle. Sadly this isn't such a tale.
Not everybody is a minimalist, and I am not saying that everybody should be. I am not even all that good a minimalist. But it is worth thinking about how you want to spend your time and money between collecting stuff and collecting experiences.
This fall, I decided to challenge myself. I set out to wear one black dress the whole month of November, and, in the process, create awareness about how important having the right clothes for inclement weather truly is. Here are five things I've learned from this experiment.
While snow, mistletoe and all things holly and jolly may put a smile on other people's faces, it triggers a twinge of anxiety
One month until Christmas -- and the countdown begins! November 25 is when I typically shift into full tinsel mode. But here's the twist. We've been asked to reign in the gift-giving this Christmas. Can I really do like the people in the movies, and remember the meaning of Christmas without gift-giving?
I've always promoted living a lifestyle that helps you save money. That's why I have embraced the minimalist trend, and I have to say I never knew how much free time I had until I got rid of my old stuff and how much money I would save by living with less.
Getting organized doesn't need to be about a complete overhaul of your entire house. Most of us don't have hours to set aside to reorganize an entire room, so try to zone in on a smaller area of the space that is contributing to the larger problem. Here's how to get started.
Whether it's a simple letter from my husband saying all the things he knows I'd love to hear or a brand new food processor -- thoughtful gifts are ones that say, "You are someone special to me, I have gotten to know you, I want to make your life better with the ability to make beet hummus."