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Moose in Jasper Park will have to find their salt elsewhere.
One of the giant animals ended up in a family's basement.
Follow Us On Twitter B.C.'s Wildlife Act states that anyone who harasses wildlife with a boat, motor vehicle, aircraft or
My kids have been seeing animal carcasses for years and asking questions about them, does it give them nightmares? No, simply because we do not make it out to be a scary situation. Showing kids where food comes from shouldn't be scary.
"You could just see the fear in the animal's eyes there."
Talk about a loose moose!
Hide your watering cans, hide your hoses because there's a moose on the loose in Utah and no sprinkler is safe from its thirsty
It wasn't what Orillia, Ont. resident Lloyd Readman was expecting to see when he glanced out to his backyard on Thursday
The Chippewa tribe of northern Minnesota called off their annual moose hunt this year. The reason? There simply aren't enough
Clyde tossed the loop over the moose's head where it slipped down onto her neck and then he took off south. The moose reared up on her hind legs in a Hi Ho Silver maneuver. Folks back on the lodge deck reached for their cell phones. That's the American way to handle a crisis nowadays. Grab a phone, first.