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most expensive cities

Toronto and Vancouver seem expensive, but it depends on who's looking.
Vancouver was not included.
Vancouver dropped on the list of most expensive cities, thanks to the falling loonie and surging U.S. dollar.
A falling loonie and a surging U.S. dollar have made Canadian cities much less expensive when compared to the rest of the
A human being has rented out New York City's most expensive apartment for $500,000 — a month. The regal pad is actually a
If you spend a lot of time watching movies, you begin to notice a trend: movies are about Average Joes. Yet it seems Hollywood apparently would have us believe that John Q. Public has easy access to all the things people with money tend to be doing. Here's a list of five examples of pricey things that we keep seeing Average Janes doing on TV and in the movies.
Vancouver now holds the dubious title of most expensive city in North America to live in, ahead of New York and Los Angeles
The following is a dramatic analysis of how and why coffee runs my life, and why I consult it for advice, inspiration and motivation every day, and why I could never live in a place that routinely charges above $2.50 a cup.