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most expensive real estate

And only three are outside the Vancouver area.
It was good to be a Wall Street titan in the 1980s.
Just what Canadians need: another place they know they can't afford.
So luxury. Much money.
It's become a national pastime to fret about the expense of buying a home in certain Canadian cities. But there are a few
You could have a mansion. An island. Or an estate once owned by the Ford family.
Now THIS is what a multi-million home should look like.
Whistler, you've done it again.
Listing a home at an exorbitant price is one thing. Selling it is another. Many of us love to look longingly at multi-million
Canadians spend plenty of time discussing how expensive it is to live in places like Toronto and Vancouver.
Its listing calls it a townhouse, but it's more of a mansion, fit for the one per cent of the one per cent. At US$40 million
Do you have $139 million to spare? Then pony up: a Florida mansion is officially the most expensive home on the market in